Monday, 20 January 2014

The Glorious & Breathtaking Festival Of Harbor Fest Oswego

The Oswego is known to be the place of great tourism. It has many breathtaking attractions that are worth exploring and one of the main star events is the Harbor Fest Oswego NY and it is located in the north central part of New York. This unique festival starts during the last weekend of July that has a crowd of 250,000 people. It is a panorama of celebration that has music, entertainment with spell bounding fireworks and games. Basically this festival is a kid-friendly affair as it arranges painting competitions, musicals as well as fun events, where kids enjoy their time in a memorable way. Parents also enjoy quality family time with their kids.

 Music lovers can find their favorite music bands and rock groups at the Fest. Stellar musicians give live performance that makes the crowd dance with great energy. Travelers across the globe swear by the musical popularity of the festivity. Not only young, but also the old group of people spent their great evenings over there, enjoying lifetime musical nights. Music’s of different genre are played during the celebration like Rock, Jazz, country music ,etc. At the Novelis Family Park even the families bond greatly over fun rides that give everyone a blood rush from a wild roller coaster. Food lovers can also enjoy cuisines that are palatable yet exciting. The authentic taste takes one on an amazing food ride. It’s an admission free event that increases the economy ratio for the Oswego County. The four-day journey of the festival attracts people of every age race and country. The 2014 carnival will be held on, July 24 – 27, 2014.
Harborfest Oswego ny

This glorious and breathtaking festival of Harbor Fest Oswego is the most awaited carnival in the calendars of The County. Fresh farm produce are also exhibited during the celebration that excites buyers to purchase in great amount thus, enhancing its presence on the world map. The diversity in the four days of nonstop entertainment has made Harbor Fest Oswego NY an event to look forward to. So visit it today to enjoy your time with loved ones.


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