Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Incredible Dragon Boat Festival Of Oswego NY

Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival
The world of sports has many additions to every game section of it. The Boat race is no different. Nowadays the dragon boat festival is getting more popular, which is mainly inspired from Chinese dragon boating. It has become an international sport where race takes place between two dragon designed boats carrying twenty paddlers, one drummer and one sweeper. The boat consists of twenty two crew members. This unique competition will be held up at Breitbeck Park on Lake Ontario situated in Oswego, NY.  This beautiful game is being organized every year to raise funds for the YMCA strong kids campaign. The 2013 race collected $64,000 for this cause.

This race is a real fun for kids. They can enjoy food, music and much more. One can experience exotic shopping at dragon marketplace. One can have an awesome meal in between extensive shopping. There will be colorful crafts, air hopping and face painting, for the amusement of children especially. The unique game of boat racing is a team game that requires synchronization, sportsmanship and the zeal to win the competition. The sport is scheduled for forty foot long boats to cover two hundred meter course in water. The race redefines a pure Hong Kong style of game and it will be held around the sixth of September 2014 from nine am to evening five pm. The championships race will start in the afternoon three pm much to the delight of the crowd. Tourist around the world hop into watch the epic championship, even locals have blast of enjoyment all around. Daily dose of hard work can be replaced with this beautiful early winter event. Those who have passion for authentic boats and the group fight to the finish in dinghy contest should rush for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, hop into the racy moods of the dragon boat festival in Oswego NY and let your children be delighted at the magical event. Fresh lake water, the constant cheering of the competition will uplift your spirits undoubtedly while making your vacation a successful one.

Author: +Isabella Lee

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